Key Competencies

Client Focused

Five Competencies

As a boutique firm, we believe the best way to operate is to “keep it simple.” When conducting a search we concentrate on these five competencies.

Exclusive Focus.

Recruiting is our primary focus because we feel doing one thing well is a great strategy for providing the best service to clients. And, because of our size, we can usually recruit without major off-limit restrictions.

Diversity Recruitment.

Diversity recruitment, especially for senior management positions, has been our niche. But just as important, we have successfully demonstrated we can expand our activity to find anyone who has the talent and skills an organization is seeking.

Timely Results.

Human Resources professionals are required to do more multi-tasking at a faster pace to meet organization demands. Sometimes HR needs assistance. We operate with a strong sense of urgency to surface candidates to help relieve that pressure. We can usually identify and present candidates in 3 to 5 weeks.


As placement generalists, we have experience conducting searches in most professional disciplines and across different industries.

Consummate Professionalism.

We strive for the highest standards of integrity and ethics in every search assignment. We limit the number of assignments to ensure our clients get personal, high-quality service. Our goal is to establish and maintain ongoing relationships with our clients.