What are the Keys to a Work/Life Balance?

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You clock out at work and head home, so you should be able to switch out of work mode. However, the reality is that balancing your work and personal life is often easier said than done. Maybe there was one task you didn’t get done, or a meeting that didn’t go your way, and it lingers in your mind. On the other hand, maybe you show up to work frazzled by a hectic morning with your family, and can’t focus.

Managing to keep the balance between life at home and life at work truly does involve effort and practice. Here are keys to keep in mind.

Keep a Good Attitude

Everything starts with having a good attitude. Keep a realistic understanding of these dual parts of your life, and how they work together and support each other. Without work you wouldn’t be able to enjoy many of the comforts of life. Without a life outside of work, you wouldn’t have the motivators that fuel your need or desire to work. Embracing both with a positive attitude makes you more open for new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Set a Reasonable Schedule

Scheduling is a very important practice in order to keep balance. If you let it, work will take up all the hours in the day. That means unless you draw the line you will never be done. So set a schedule to make time for work, family, friends, exercise, relaxation, eating, sleeping, and even free time. You may not always stick exactly to it, but it will set the framework for your ideal work/life balance.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are a huge key to balance because they guide your focus. If you are spending time with someone at home, give them your undivided attention and put your smartphone away and don’t check your emails. It can be tempting to always be connected, especially as work further infiltrates personal life through technology, but it is crucial to set boundaries. The same goes for when you are working. Don’t check Facebook and other social media accounts to see what is going on in your social circle. It’s tempting but, this is one of the biggest productivity killers. Focus on work at work; focus on home at home.

Get Organized

An old saying is that when you get rid of things that you don’t need, you make room for the things you do. This is a good reason to get organized. Productivity increases when you don’t have to sort through clutter whether it’s your office, your home, your car… your life. Better balance happens and is maintained when your spaces are clean and clear.

While it may seem difficult to balance the work side with the personal side of life, the keys are staying positive, creating a schedule, drawing boundaries and getting organized. If you do you will be on your way to enjoy the good things they offer together.


Sam Robinson

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Sam Robinson is the Founder and President of Robinson-Robinson & Associates, Inc., as well as a Principal Consultant. Sam has executive level Human Resources experience in the computer manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. He served in various functional roles including Staffing, Employee Relations, Compensation Administration, Organizational Development and Training, and Diversity. Sam is a varsity athletic graduate of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. He continues to be a sports enthusiast and is an avid golfer.
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