Personality Traits That Employers Are Looking For

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Current research suggests that you can have the perfect resume and still not get the position that you interview for. In fact, 80% of employers are looking for a cultural fit over executive skills.

From data collected from over 1,200 companies, here are the 5 personality traits that employers are looking for most:


A first impression trait, the employer will begin making an evaluation of you from the time that you walk through the door. Do you carry yourself as a professional? From arriving on time, to the way you are dressed and your mannerisms and attitude, employers are judging you and determining whether or not you fit in with their company and culture.


Employers want people that will bring passion and energy to the workplace. These are the employees that will give 100% to the work at hand and are go-getters. Employers like when you have done your homework on the company, the work they do, their culture, and are enthusiastic about joining the team. Ask engaging, prepared questions during the interview and demonstrate a positive attitude about joining the team and getting to work!


Confidence ranks highest on the list of skills companies think employees are missing most. You cannot expect a company to have confidence in you or your skill set if you do not have confidence in yourself. Your body language, handshake, eye contact, and voice should speak strength, competence, and poise. Are you handling the pressure of the interview well? Are you someone that will fit into the culture of the company and represent the company well? These are traits of a person ready to be in an executive role.


Employers are looking for examples of experience where you have demonstrated the ability to work independently and/or been successful with formulating solutions to issues without guidance or direct leadership. This trait is illustrated through your resume verbiage and anecdotal examples that you should share that tell of a “challenge/action/result” situation that reveal how you achieved the desired outcome, and how your self-motivation was critical to your success.

Intellectual Curiosity

A candidate with Intellectual Curiosity embraces new challenges in the workplace. This trait is the ability to find solutions to problems through analytical process and a “hunger” for new knowledge and dedication in learning new ways to improve and advance the workplace. Whether through technological advances or new ways to streamline current processes, intellectually curious employees help a company advance and usually stay with them long-term, which is attractive to employers looking to bring you on board and invest in you.

Knowing the traits that employers place a high value on will help you in preparing for your interview, and give you a competitive advantage over candidates that are not focused on demonstrating them.


Sam Robinson

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Sam Robinson is the Founder and President of Robinson-Robinson & Associates, Inc., as well as a Principal Consultant. Sam has executive level Human Resources experience in the computer manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. He served in various functional roles including Staffing, Employee Relations, Compensation Administration, Organizational Development and Training, and Diversity. Sam is a varsity athletic graduate of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. He continues to be a sports enthusiast and is an avid golfer.