Medicaid Director

This position is with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). The department helps provide essential services to Minnesota’s most vulnerable residents. While the vast majority of human services in Minnesota are provided by its partners (including counties, tribes, and nonprofits) DHS, at the direction of the governor and legislature, sets policies and directs the payments for many of the services delivered. As the largest state agency, DHS administers about one-third of the state budget. Its largest financial responsibility is to provide health care coverage for low income Minnesotans. DHS is also responsible for securing economic assistance for struggling families, providing food support, overseeing child protection and welfare services, and providing services for people with mental illness, chemical dependency or physical or developmental disabilities.

The State Medicaid Director reports to the Commissioner of DHS, leads a staff of 717 employees, and manages a budget of $3 Billion.


The role of this position is to establish and build the political and professional relationships and national visibility needed to beneficially impact Minnesota’s Medicaid policies and funding at the national level, represent Medicaid as an authority and give Medicaid/federal perspective to executive staff issues and decisions, highlight and give political insight and strategic guidance to executive staff regarding health care-related politics and agendas at the national level, and ensure that Medicaid and other federal policies are recognized in state policy and planning decisions.


Must be a mission-driven, experienced leader who can embrace the vision and values of DHS and demonstrate:

  • Experience and proven political understanding of relations/interactions with state legislators, interest groups, the provider industries, consumers and the media
  • Capacity to envision, voice, and promote viable policy and funding solutions to problems that will affect people, services and organizations
  • Capacity to raise public awareness, motivate stakeholders and support proposals on behalf of the agency
  • Capacity to assess political sentiment, identify political obstacles and change negotiations strategies
  • Knowledge of Minnesota’s acute and continuing care delivery systems, associated legislation/regulations and funding streams
  • Knowledge of the policies, budget, service industries and clientele-community based and institutional settings
  • Knowledge of recent innovations in the area of health care, current research and evaluation results, and management issues
  • Knowledge of MA, waiver, and Minnesota Care funding streams and associated eligibility criteria
  • Understanding of federal Medicaid Programs and associated eligibility requirements in relationship to potential applications in Minnesota
  • Knowledge of fee-for-services vs. managed health care issues and options relating to general and high cost elderly populations
  • Knowledge of both federal and state legislative and budgeting processes
  • Ability to interpret and determine the impact of statistical, demographic, historical and trends data
  • Ability to envision future possible outcomes in terms of access to health care, health care service delivery and budget
  • Ability to reshape administrative directions, make executive decisions and redirect resources based on policy, program, and budget analyses and evaluation findings
  • Ability to keep focused on long range issues and directions while meeting short range operational demands, foster acceptance of change and convey the need to shift priorities and goals, and inspire and motivate people to take action

Salary Range: $103,085 – $147,580 annually

Location: St. Paul, MN

Industry: Government

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