7 RED FLAGS That You Are In The Wrong Job

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With a new year upon us, perhaps it is time to take a look at that area of our lives where we send so much time: our jobs.

Are you on the right career path? If any of the following 7 RED FLAGS are showing up in your work life, a change may be in order.


1. You have no passion for the job.

There are not many things worse than getting up everyday to go to a job that you do not enjoy. While there are situations in life that may call for you to work in a position that is not your passion, i.e. you need the money, over time your work will suffer from you not giving your best effort. Your health may also suffer from the stress of being in a position out of line with who and what you are.

2. The job does not come naturally to you.

The most successful employees work in positions that play to their strengths. A person that is not comfortable speaking to clients or potential customers is not going to be a good salesman. Conversely, an employee that loves human interaction and welcomes the challenge of meeting or exceeding sales goals will not be happy for long in a back office job where those skills may not be needed or utilized.

If your skills and interests don’t match your job specifications or the position you are working on, it is time to look for employment that is more suitable to your strengths.

3. You consistently receive poor feedback.

If you are consistently receiving poor feedback, whether from your supervisor or co-workers, you may be in the wrong position. If this feedback is a result of either points #1 or #2 on this list, then it is time for you to move on. While poor feedback every once in a while can be turned into a positive for a person that is equipped for a particular job since it provides a list of things to work on, receiving it consistently is a sign that the job is not for you.

4. You are a loner at work.

If you find yourself not wanting to socialize with your co-workers, or worse, are a target of a group that is ostracizing you at work, it may be time to look to new environs. Being social is a part of having a good workplace and being in a situation where you have no desire to do so, and/or your co-workers are banding against you, or freezing you out, are clear signs that the grass may, indeed, be greener somewhere else.

5. There is no growth and development in your position.

If you feel as if you are underutilized in your current position and desire the opportunity to learn new skills and/or employ more of your capabilities, but are not being given the chance to do so, it is a potential sign to look elsewhere. If you enjoy the organization that you are working for, you should first approach your supervisor with your desire to do more. They may be receptive to it and put you on the right track. If not, then you may have outgrown the organization, or they don’t see you beyond what your current function is. In both cases, a move is the possible answer.

6. You get the “Sunday Blues.”

If you get that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach when the thought of a new workday or week is approaching, then your body may be telling you that you are in the wrong profession. The stress and anxiety of being in a vocation that you are not suited for, or do not like, not only affects your performance on the job, but also can cause health issues through physical symptoms such as headaches and lethargy. Do yourself a favor: move on. It’s not worth it.

7. You only do it for the money.

We all need money. Going to a job everyday that does not suit you will make your life miserable no matter how much money you are making. We simply spend too much of our lives working to be stuck in a position that we do not enjoy. Money, truly, is not everything. What would you do for free? Look for ways to make money by doing things that you enjoy, or consider working for yourself. Your happiness and peace of mind are worth it.


One of the reasons so many studies report mass worker disengagement is because so many employees do a job they really don’t enjoy and are not suited for. They only do it because they don’t know of a better option and need the work/money. If you find yourself seeing any of the warning signs above, do yourself a favor and consider making a job change. Life is too short to be miserable, and a change of scenery may be just the thing to add some positivity and joy to your life!


Sam Robinson

About the Author:

Sam Robinson is the Founder and President of Robinson-Robinson & Associates, Inc., as well as a Principal Consultant. Sam has executive level Human Resources experience in the computer manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. He served in various functional roles including Staffing, Employee Relations, Compensation Administration, Organizational Development and Training, and Diversity. Sam is a varsity athletic graduate of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. He continues to be a sports enthusiast and is an avid golfer.
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