7 Core Competencies Needed To Succeed In All Levels Of Management

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For the executive looking to excel in his/her current occupation with an eye on advancing in their career, the following are 7 competencies that set highly effective leaders apart.

1. The Ability To Inspire And Motivate Others.

From middle manage up to the senior levels of a company, a leader must have the ability to inspire and motivate those under his/her leadership, and in some cases, those above him/her in the corporate hierarchy. By displaying the characteristics of Vision (being able to communicate a clear picture of the future to the team), Relationship Building (both one-on-one and with team members through being a great listener and creating emotional ties), Principled Driving of Results (being a role model for the team to do things the “right way” in the focused pursuit to hit the goals set for the unit on time), and an Enthusiastic Expert (displaying passion for the organization and the work that it does, as well as offering strong guidance from a deep well of expertise).

2. Convey High Integrity and Honesty.

A person that is looking to be perceived as an outstanding leader in his/her organization must also display the characteristics of high integrity and honesty. To create respect, trust, and even admiration among other team members, one must be a person that operates from a foundation of strong moral principles, good character, and rectitude. This leader will build and display a reputation of sincerity, truthfulness, and trustworthiness.

3. The Ability To Analyze Issues and Problem Solve.

Outstanding leaders excel at analyzing issues and problem solving by using proven systems and practices to systematically analyze information collected from various sources. In addition, he/she will be open to hearing from other team members and interested parties to leverage their thoughts and expertise. This leader will be open to new ideas and tactics that can possibly be used to distinguish patterns and trends in complex data and use this information to chart steps to handle the situation for the benefit of the team and organization.

4. Drives For Results

One competency that always stands out is a leader that can consistently meet goals, commitments, and deadlines. He/She sets clear goals for themselves and their teams, get input from all involved parties to create a plan, and then does everything possible to get the job done on time. When coupled with great relationship skills, this proficiency has the ability to inspire other team members to give their maximum effort towards the cause as well.

5. Strong Communication Skills

A competency that can really set you apart as a leader is to possess great communication skills. The ability to employ strong verbal and written prowess in a way that delivers information to others in a clear, organized, and concise manner will serve to increase productivity on your team. A strong communicator can help team members to understand how their contributions benefit not only the team, but also the broader organization. In addition, a powerful communicator can create productive connections with other departments, making the organization stronger as a whole.

6. Teamwork and Collaboration

A good leader has not only the ability to lead his/her own team to success, but also to foster collaboration and teamwork with other leaders and their teams in an organization. They offer assistance to other departments as appropriate, and look to develop a spirit of cooperation for the greater good. This leader is also adept at removing any obstruction to teamwork and performance while championing an atmosphere of individual and group success.

7. Technical and Professional Expertise

Leaders who display technical and professional expertise have credibility and garner respect from their teammates and colleagues due to their extensive knowledge of issues, problems, and solutions in their field. They are sought out for advice, opinions, and guidance while significantly contributing to their team reaching its goals. These leaders make it a point to stay up to date on the latest happenings, challenges, and innovations taking place in their field and apply that knowledge in their work resulting in success for the organization.

There are more competencies that can assist you with being a better leader, but focusing on developing these 7 will put you well on your way to being effective, respected, and positioned for growth and promotion in your company.


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Bunny Robinson is a Principal Consultant of the firm, with 10 years of Employee Communications and Human Resources experience in high tech manufacturing and defense systems industries. She has also worked in the fields of broadcasting, advertising, and market research. Bunny graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and is pursuing a Master’s degree at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. She enjoys volunteer work and has served as a board member for various community service and arts organizations as well as local government.